Now that you have your objectives well defined and your motivation on the top, i'd like to share with you my personal diet plan. It is not perfect and personal, adapted to my needs, my tastes and my lifestyle. You have to try different strategies and find the one that suits the best for you.


7am - Gym
9am - Breakfast : breakie-bowl + 1 wholewheat bread toast with peanut butter.
12pm - Lunch : salad of cucumber - carrot - avocado
5pm - Break : 1 apple
8pm - Diner (optional) : 1 egg + salad with pepper


9am - Breakfast : breakie-bowl + 1 slice of banana bread
12pm - Lunch : salad of chickpeas + cucumber + carrot + nuts
5pm - Break : 1 apple
6pm : RPM
8pm - Diner (optional) : konjac fettuccine + broccoli + prawns


9am - Breakfast : 2 wholewheat bread toasts with homemade pesto + 1 half avocado + 2 poched eggs
12pm : Boxing
1pm - Lunch : salad of tomato and pepper + prawns
5pm - Break : 1 apple
8pm - Diner (optional) : salmon and vegetables grilled


9am - Breakfast : breakie-bowl
12pm - Lunch : chirashi bowl (rice - salmon - oignon - cottage cheese)
5pm - Break : 1 apple
8pm : Dance
9pm - Diner (optional) : scrambled eggs + tomatoes + mixed salad


9am - Breakfast : breakie bowl
12pm - Lunch : grilled salmon + 1 half avocado + salad + oignon
5pm - Break : 1 apple
8pm - Diner (optional) : fruit salad


10am : running
1pm - Lunch : avocado toasts + eggs + salad
Diner : cheat meal (can be anything)


9am - Breakfast : banana pancakes or protein pancakes
10 am : Hiking
12pm - Lunch : salad of vegetables
Break : 1 apple
Diner : sardins + salad

In resume, keep it simple and avoid the transform foods. And the most important : eat the aliments you like and try to vary each meal, each day, each week.

As you probably noticed, my favorites are the breakie-bowl and the avocado eggs toasts. I will never get rid of it !

Usually the weekend I cook healthy banana pancakes or Myprotein pancakes and recently I discovered a new recipe of banana bread and I am totally addict. I bake it at the beginning of the week and it lasts all week, it is delicious! I will post it soon on my Instagram account, keep in touch 😘

My essential little tips

Here some little habits that I had to set up to maintain my diet on the right way :

- A lemon juice every morning when I wake up.
- An apple after work. It allows me to fight against my evening cravings.
- Green tea, my best friend. I drink a cup of green tea each time that I am tempted to cheat : in a coffee with some friends, in front of the TV, working, after lunch, and if it's late, I drink a plant infusion.
- I count my calories. I use Lifesum application to know how many calories I really eat during my day.
- I track my run. Runtastic is my favorite application to track my run and help me keep motivated. Moreover I love their posts on the blog and always follow their advices.
- One "cleanse day" every two weeks. During this day I only eat apples during 24h to reset my digestion and my body levels.

8 hours diet.

Recently, I begun a new diet rythm, efficient and not so hard to follow : the 8 hours diet.

How it works ?
You eat for a period of 8 hours followed by a 16 hours period of fasting.
As example, you take your breakfast at 10am, your lunch at 2pm and your diner at 6pm.

This way, your body is not continually digesting food and can repair and rest for 16 hours! And some studies have proved that eating early is better for sleep and helps lose fat, so much benefits.

Alcohol, my enemy.

To avoid alcohol has been, and is still sometimes hard for me. As a good French people I love good wine and I also love partying. So when you are used to go out 3 times per week, it is complicated to say 'no' to alcohol. Moreover, it can be really rude ! When I am invited to a party, I usually buy a bottle of wine or two for my guests and of course I feel like tasting it !

Thus, if you really cannot resist alcohol, you can drink some as a cheat meal once per week. And the other days, you can drink sparkling water with a lemon slice aha.

But don't forget : no matter how hard it is, your body will be grateful and you'll get used to do things right.

I really hope this article will help you to achieve your goals and to get your dream body.
Send me your pictures or tag me on Instagram (calamity_jane__) if you try my recipes and don't hesitate to send me a message for any question or to share your tips with me !