Hi everybody !

Today I'd like to write a special post about one of my biggest preoccupations (and probably one of yours too) : how to get THE body we have always wanted ?

Off travelling topic ? Not at all ! When you travel, you are more inclined to get weight and to adopt a bad lifestyle. Since my arriving in Australia I got 5kgs. Not the end of the world, but this made me feel bad about my body and even if I did sport almost everyday, I couldn't get rid of this new shapes. This affected my self-confidence and my general mood. 

Thus, after struggling for months with an inefficient "diet" alternating famish times and cravings, i finally decided to take the things over control.

And for this, I set off a plan. Losing weight is a war and if you want to win, you have to implement a real strategy.

 Always keep the motivation !

Before talking about new habits, let's have a look to this old bad habits

1. Identify why you didn't lose weight.

Is it because of lack of exercise ? Over eating ? Emotional cravings ? Stress ?... It can be a lot of reasons, but you have to define your real issue if you want to resolve it.

2. When is your diet the most difficult to follow ?

Do you have a tendency to take huge breakfasts in the morning, to eat badly outside, to have sugar cravings in the evenings, or to lose your mind during parties ?
Target your moment of weakness and focus your actions on this particular moment.

For example, I usually have sugar cravings at 6pm because of the stress of the day. To avoid this cravings, I automatically eat an apple just after work/studies and then do some exercise : yoga, little run, gym...etc. It permits me to calm my cravings, to reduce anxiety and ready to end my day proud of myself.

3. Which aliments aren't you able to resist ?

Here the hardest part of your diet, giving up all this little pleasures like chocolate, crisps, bread, cheese, cookies, sodas, sweets...
The good thing to do ? Do NOT buy them, and don't find any excuses to ! Resisting to the temptation needs some efforts but believe me, it is worth it. And once you begin to eat healthy, it is hard to stop, you have my word.

Sweets at Oliver Brown 🙊

Good, now that you have a better insight of your real lifestyle, you can think about the new you

4. Why do you want to improve your lifestyle ?

First of all, losing or getting weight has to be for you, and nobody else ! A diet is personal and your only motivation during this process will be you. Even if you're helped by a coach or if you do it with a friend, you are the only one able to improve your body and your life. Only count on you.

Then, for which reasons do you want to be on diet ? You don't feel comfortable in your body, have health problems or want to improve your sport performances ? Whatever this reason is, it has to be strong (and not just losing 2kgs to feel good in your body this summer) and clear in your mind. Because if it's not, you'll probably give up and get all your weight back and more. It is the famous yo-yo effect.

5. Clearly define your goals and objectives.

Don't be too hard with yourself and set up realistic goals and objectives you can follow. Then, take some pictures of you, take your measurements and don't wait to begin !

Have a look at your progression once a week and always believe in yourself, you can do this !

6. Motivate yourself.

Follow inspiring people on Instagram, create a board with pictures of your dream body, draw a new you, subscribe to healthy and fit themes on Pinterest, read about successful stories and blogs... there is so many ways to keep motivating. The purpose is to feel this new lifestyle all around you : that's your new life !

Pinterest 💗

Ok, ready to get this amazing new body ? "C'est parti!"

7. Make it fun !

You don't like cooking ? Unfortunately for you, it is a step you cannot avoid. But no worries, you don't have to be a chef to be on diet, you can do some really simple meals and if you miss some time, keep a few hours during the weekend to prepare your meals for the week !

You can find some great and easy recipes on blogs, Pinterest or Instagram. Try them and enjoy this new alimentation.

8. Select your food.

As a reminder:

- Fruits and vegetables are your best friends. Thanks to them, you are less hungry, in better health and more beautiful !
- Proteins proteins proteins. They fill you up and help your muscles to recover.  Choose some low-fat proteins and better opt for fish and leguminous.
- There is good fat, and it makes you thin ! Avocados, salmon, sardines, nuts, dark chocolate, coconut, olive oil, eggs, chia seeds... They make you feel filled longer, make your general body health better,  reduce cancer risk and help fat loss by improving your metabolism. Of course, you have to limit your consommation and to avoid associating them with carbs.
- Carbs are not your enemy.

Depending on your needs and your tastes you can do a low-carb/ high-fat diet or a high-carb/low-fat diet. There is many way of programming your diet like the Cycle Carb with one day high-carb on training days alternate with one day low-carb and that allows you to still eat carbs while improving your metabolism and lose weight.

Anyway, I don't recommend a low-carb diet that leads often to out of control cravings.

9. Listen to your body.

Don't eat if you're not hungry. And if you're not sure, ask yourself if you'd like to eat a fruit or a salad. If not, you're probably not hungry and should calm your stomach with a big glass of water of a cup of green tea.

In the other way, if you're really hungry, eat something heathy and that will fill you (exemple : 2 eggs and 2 tomatoes). If you're still hungry after, you can take a yoghurt or a fruit.

Never eat in front of the TV. We don't eat mindfully and most of the time too much.

10. Sleep.

Sometimes you're hungry without any reason. It can be because of a lack of sleep. Sleep is essential for your body to recover and a good sleep will help you lose weight.

11. Move your body !

My favorite part. I love sport and this amazing feeling at the end of a run or a good gym training when you're tired and full of energy at the same time.

Sport is good for your body, your health, your mood and your self-confidence, to consume without moderation !

The best sport to lose fat is running. I usually run in the morning with an empty stomach. This way, the body uses fat to provide energy to the muscles and it is really efficient to become thinner and see quick results. At the condition to eat properly after the training and to make it short if you run without eating before.

Then, I like going to the swimming pool, particularly at the end of the day. It is really relaxing and less traumatic for your back and articulations.

Yoga is also a very good sport in the way that it also take care of your mind and give you the motivation needed to achieve your goals.

Finally, I advice you to try all the sports you can try and to vary the exercises. Boxing, surfing, dancing, cycling... make it fun !

First surfing lesson with Let's Go Surfing 🏄‍♀️

Now, if you want to discover my personal recipes, diet plan and little tips, I invite you to read the second part of this article : DIET - PART 2